Developing Your Inner Resource

Developing Your Inner Resource

Your inner resource is an inner refuge of constant stability, safety, and well-being.  Your inner resource enables you to weather difficulties you encounter as you heal and move through your life.

Here is an exercise to help you find your very own inner resource.

Jot down notes in your journal in response to the following question.

When I feel a sense of well-being, peace, or ease of being, where and how do I feel this in my body?

As you write down words and phrases, take time to sense how each word or phrase rings true in your body and mind.  

Circle one, two, or three of the words or phrases that feel most important to you.  Repeat these words and phrases several times to embed them into your memory as prompts that represent and activate your inner resource. 

Throughout your day, consider and affirm your inner resource as an inner felt-sense.  Allow your inner resource to be your trusted friend that accompanies you on every step of your journey through life.

As you form your inner resource, reflect on people, animals, objects, and places that help you recall it.  Consider sounds, tastes, smells, and other qualities that help you access it.  Your inner resource is a multidimensional experience that you can reach through many inner and outer pathways.


Reference: Richard Miller, The iRest Program for Healing PTSD. New Harbinger Publications. 2015.

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