Gong Therapy

Gong Therapy

The gong works on all levels to heal and transform.  From the purely physical, to the emotional and spiritual. 

Physical Healing: The sound of the gong has been shown to be effective in addressing many symptoms accompanying physical illness and disease.  Including neck pain and other pain, tinnitus, dizziness, headaches and migraine headaches, misalignments in the spine, menstrual difficulties, sprains, nerve damage.  

Emotional Healing:  The sound of the gong creates deep relaxation, clears the mind and stimulates the glandular system.  The sound of the gong aids in the reorganisation of emotional energy held within the body.  Because it affects the emotional body, the sound of the gong often brings about various emotional releases, especially when heard the first several times.  Emotional states then subside leaving a feeling of wellbeing.  From this calm and neutral emotional centre, it is easier to enter into a meditative mind and its associated benefits.

Spiritual Healing:  Many researchers and therapists have recognised the connection between abusive addictions and spiritual disconnection.  The spiritual healing of the gong occurs through the connection it makes between the listener and the world beyond the body and mind.  It provides a non-ordinary state of transcendent reality and a connection with a vastness beyond the finite self.  The gong is a portal to what has always existed and what can always be.

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