Collection: Sound Therapy

We do not only hear sound through the ears but through every pore of our body.  Sound permeates our entire being.  We can either slow or quicken the rhythm of blood circulation or either awaken or soothe the nervous system.
A sound therapy session is a therapeutic and meditative sound experience.
Make yourself comfortable and absorb the healing vibrations of gong, voice, drum, singing crystal bowls and other soothing sounds. Relieves stress, anxiety, improves vagal tone, and fortifies your mind body connection for wellbeing. For yourself or a caring gift for someone in your life who is struggling with a significant life event. Sonja has a sensitive, gentle and nurturing approach to healing.  She emphasises evidence based therapies and protocols while honouring those rooted in the spiritual practices of other cultures past and present.
"I have always enjoyed making music.  I studied classical piano for most of my life and have always used improvisation to express and explore my inner world and tap into the healing aspects of vibration and sound."
As part of her 650YTT Master of Biomedical Yoga Therapy, Meditation, & Allied Health, Sonja has undertaken specialist training in Sound Therapy.  She provides personalised private sound therapy sessions at her home studio at Highvale, Samford, Queensland 4520 and local sound therapy events.