Collection: Yoga Therapy

Evidence Based, Gentle, Restorative, for Every Body and Mind

Yoga provides a way to reconnect with ourselves.  The practice creates a calmer, more present mind, and marked physical and psychological benefits like lowering blood pressure and elevating and stabilising mood.

Yoga calms your nervous system.  Your parasympathetic nervous system engages, encouraging better digestion, a decrease in stress levels, and an enhanced ability to relax and heal. 

Sonja's sessions offer a slow and gentle practice with a commitment to keeping you in a pain free range of motion. We use props to create positions of ease and comfort that facilitate relaxation and health.  Keeping yourself comfortable creates less strain on your muscles and joints while maintaining the most powerful benefits of therapeutic yoga postures.

You are flexible and fit enough to do yoga!

Sonja's session are for anyone and everyone.  Suitable for people with injuries, pain, mobility or health issues.