My Story

Hello, I'm Sonja Kay

I provide one-off or ongoing support for clients who wish to incorporate person centred healing practices into their life for self-care and wellbeing.  I have expertise and experience supporting clients with a range of physical and mental health challenges including mood disorders, PTSD, chronic fatigue, addiction, visual impairment, spinal injuries, and social isolation.  Together, we develop healing practices to complement those prescribed by other healthcare providers

This part of my journey began with an unexpected letter from a school counsellor concerned for my daughter’s mental health.  At that time, I was already in yoga teacher training but my training then shifted to specialist areas with an emphasis on the mind-body connection and yoga therapy. I have completed 1000 hours of Yoga Teacher Training with a Master of Biomedical Yoga Therapy, Meditation & Allied Health.  I have a grounding in the ancient yogic traditions but apply these traditions according to the latest scientific evidence. 

In the beginning, I was motivated by a need to understand my daughter, but this journey has ultimately been a journey to meet myself.  A process of waking up to myself and this life.  I had been in "robot mode" for a long time.  My mind was habitually disconnected from my body and I was running away from experiencing life fully.  I have had to face difficult things.  Developing compassion for myself has been key to healing.  My mission as a therapist is to empower others to manage their mental and physical wellbeing with holistic practices to restore balance to mind, body and spirit. 

I have specialist training in evidence based contemplative practices and mindful movement for managing chronic pain, improving mental health outcomes, and supporting people of all physical abilities to enjoy the benefits of movement. For example, Trauma Sensitive Yoga (with Edwina Kemp), Compassion-Based Therapy (with Dr James Kirby and Dr Stan Steindl), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (with Dr Melissa Day), sound therapy, and iRest® meditation (with Fuyuko Sawamura-Toyota).

I have specialist training in Counselling Psychology and have been working in the Mental Health Units in PA hospital (adult ward and geriatric ward) as a Volunteer Yoga teacher. My role is to deliver Yoga activities for life enrichment and social support. I encourage patients to actively participate in activities to improve their overall wellbeing. With compassion and kindness I aim to improve the patient experience. I am currently training in Crisis Support. 

As a practicing artist, I am excited to offer creative arts therapy (charcoal drawing, watercolour painting, and fibre art) grounded in yogic and other eastern philosophies, and a health and wellbeing model. It is my interest in this aspect of art making and my passion for improving the lives of people with mental health challenges that has led me to my current study at the University of Queensland Master’s in Mental Health Art Therapy degree program.

My own creative practice for wellbeing gained momentum when I bought a SAORI loom. SAORI is an integrated practice of creative and personal realisation founded in 1969 by Misao Jo in Osaka, Japan. It is rooted in the activity of free-flowing, uninhibited hand weaving and the core philosophy that we are all born with unique sensibilities and the power to create. SAORI is not only a practice of connecting deeply with one’s own creative and authentic self, but it is also a practice of connecting deeply with others. Key to SAORI weaving is accessibility. Looms are designed with adaptations and attachments so that anyone can weave. I offer SAORI weaving sessions for wellbeing.

I work to guide you towards your own inner resources. I pay particular attention to being present, aware, non-judgmental, compassionate, and respectful. I create a safe and confidential space for working together.

I offer private and personalised Yoga/Meditation, Art and Sound Therapy sessions at my home studio (home visits can also be arranged) for people with a wide range of wellbeing concerns.  I run workshops and special events in Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Sound Therapy and Creative Practices for Healing.  Fully Insured.  Registered with Yoga Australia, First Aid Certificate, and Blue Card.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs,

Sonja Kay