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Hand Spinning for Grounding and Belonging

Hand Spinning for Grounding and Belonging

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Connect with your body with very gentle yoga, barefoot walking meditation and the rhythmic movement of the drop spindle while learning to create yarn from locally produced alpaca fibre.
In yoga, the root chakra (Muladhara) is located at the base of the spine and provides you with a base or foundation for life.  It is the root from which true health, well-being, and empowerment grows.  When balanced, you feel grounded and able to withstand challenges.  


This 3 hour retreat available for individuals or groups will activate, balance, and unblock the root chakra with movement, sound, meditation, ritual and affirmation.

We will use affirmation:
I am safe.
I am secure.
I am at home in my body.
I am at peace with the here and now.
The Earth supports and nourishes me.

What does root chakra imbalance look like?

Imbalance is believed by some to impact health and well-being in several ways, including:

difficulty sleeping
constipation and bowel issues
weight gain or loss
weakened immunity
issues in the lower body, including the lower back, legs, feet, knees, and the base of the spine
feeling unsafe, unstable, anxious, and fearful
feeling ungrounded or even dissociated
erratic behaviour
depression and lack of motivation
living in “survival mode”
negativity and cynicism
inability to trust in the Earth to support and nourish you
doubt about your place in the universe
existential crisis or crisis of faith
loss of will

Without the grounding energy of a balanced root chakra, you may lack a sense of belonging and may lose interest in being a part of the world.

When our survival and well-being are threatened, cortisol floods the body to prepare for fight or flight.  If we’re constantly faced with high levels of stress or trauma, it might explain our imbalance.

Held at Sonja's studio in Highvale.  Bring along yoga mat and any props you would like to make yourself comfortable.  Everything else is supplied.

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