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Courageous, Confident, Drawing with Charcoal

Courageous, Confident, Drawing with Charcoal

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In Yoga, the third chakra (Manipura) is located at the solar plexus and represented by the fire element.  From this energy centre we step into our personal power. When we are in balance we have a healthy self-esteem, self-confidence, and a belief that we are worthy and whole. When out of balance we find ourselves feeling not "enough": Not smart enough, thin enough, sensible enough, loving enough, strong enough, capable enough.

This 3 hour creative retreat for individuals or groups will include gentle yoga postures focussed on Manipura to build strength in the core muscles of the back and belly, Yogic breathing practices to heat and cool, and an expressive drawing practice. 

The sense organs for this chakra are the eyes, which includes how we see and how we visualise.  We work with drishti to explore the sense of sight.  We use drawing meditation with willow charcoal as a creative practice to develop confidence.  We use techniques where we close the eyes to draw, and use blind contour drawing where our eyes remain focussed on the subject, and of course we resist the temptation to erase.  

If we find ourselves out of balance at the third chakra we may have become:

domineering, insensitive.
filled with self doubt.
lacking in confidence.
plagued by issues with power, autonomy or self-confidence.
lacking in self-will.
prone to issues with digestion.
self centred.
overambitious, irritable, anxious.
overly driven for recognition, dogmatic.
filled with anger that can rage or simmer if left unchecked.

We use affirmations

 I believe in myself
I am courageous
I have a sense of purpose
I release control

Held at Sonja's studio in Highvale.  Bring along yoga mat and any other props you might like to use to keep yourself comfortable, drawing paper.  Charcoal supplied.

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