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Enjoy, Flow, Create and Feel

Enjoy, Flow, Create and Feel

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In Yoga, the Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana) is located three fingers width below the navel.  It is the dwelling place of the self and our creativity.  Ruled by the water element this chakra is about being able to go with the flow and enjoy life.  It is the energetic centre of our pleasure, sexuality, emotions and desires. 

This 3 hour retreat includes evidence based yoga and meditation practices and creative practice.

It is thought that if Sacral Chakra is out of balance we may 

be shy, have low self-esteem or body shame.
be jealous, guarded, comparing or possessive.
experience mood swings, roller-coaster emotions or frustration.
exhibit rigidity of the body and mind.
be averse to pleasure, lack of passion or desire.
act out, attention-seeking.
lack boundaries, exhibitionist.

The meditation is an evidence based Yoga Nidra practice (the iRest protocol).  We establish a place of inner refuge; sense into the body and breath for deep relaxation; welcome feelings, emotions, and thoughts; access joy and well-being, and find a peace with what is.  We use gentle fluid movement and yoga postures focused on the hips.

Now create freely with fluid art media.
Be joyful and playful.
Share with each other and build beautiful relationships.
Build empathy, sensuality and emotional literacy.

We use affirmations

I am a creative being.
I allow myself to experience pleasure.
I create healthy boundaries.
I am able to go with the flow.

Held at Sonja's studio at Highvale.  Bring along yoga mat, paper, journal and any fluid, non-toxic art materials you enjoy working with.

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