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Weaving You

Weaving You

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Life is where we come in order to discover our true selves.
—Misao Jo (creator of Saori weaving)

The philosophy of SAORI weaving resonates with yogic principles of self exploration and healing. This 3 hour personalised session, in Sonja's specialised weaving space, emphasises exploration, improvisation and creative self expression. Everything works. There are minimal techniques to learn to get started and it is not possible to make a mistake. Simply follow your heart and work intuitively to create a unique piece of woven cloth.  Weaving is an embodied, rhythmic, meditative, sensory experience and is often used in therapeutic settings. Creative expression builds self confidence, self esteem, self reliance and resilience. Customised sessions are available for kids, teens and adults (Trauma informed, Blue Card). Please contact me if you would like more information.

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