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Sound For Yogis Workshop

Sound For Yogis Workshop

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Book Sonja to hold this 2 hour workshop at your studio.  Contact us to discuss your terms.

Of increasing interest to yoga teachers and practitioners is the use of sound healing instruments and practices, including our voices, as a way we might deepen our daily practice.  In this experiential workshop, Sonja shares how she adds sound to bring calm, relaxation, and inner peace to her clients even those with limited yoga experience or mobility. You will be introduced to a number of sound healing tools and practices and how they might be used therapeutically. These include simple chants and mantra, Himalayan singing bowls, gong, chimes, tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, drum.

Sonja is a dedicated yoga and meditation practitioner, teacher, and student of Yoga. She is registered with Yoga Australia, a practicing yoga teacher and yoga therapist about to complete 1000 hours teacher training with a Master of Biomedical Yoga Therapy, Meditation & Allied Health.

Sonja has played classical piano all her life and her daughter is now studying composition at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. "Music has always been a big part of my life."

She has a deep respect for the eastern traditions of yoga and meditation and, with a background in science (PhD in biological Sciences), she also understands and can translate, the latest scientific research for yoga and meditation as lifestyle medicine.

Anyone is welcome to enjoy this sound experience.  Please contact Sonja if you would like to hold this workshop at your studio.

"Thank you Sonja.  That was a lovely experience and I am sure everyone enjoyed learning about sound." Pine Rivers Yoga.

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